Americanum Provisions is a locally-focused produce shop.  Meeting Denver’s growing demand for food retail with integrity, Americanum Provisions will focus on unique and utilitarian items such as local microgreens, wild foraged honey, craft chocolates, to-go salad mixes, vintage and found kitchen items, seasonal fruit, and wholesome produce from a 10-mile foodshed.

The thought and care of our urban and rural food producers create food of quality.  They truly are gems in a lackluster food-system.  They are the ones that bridge and build gaps in our food community. They are doing this with multi-generational bee-keeping, innovative aquaponics, and realized passions for the state of our environment.

With a commitment to work directly with small and local farmers as much as possible, Americanum Provisions opens a whole world of opportunity for fresh ingredients from and for the people.  These are the people who work to feed us, and Americanum Provisions is proud to be an advocate of theirs in the Denver community.